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Mark Ball

Mark came into Real estate with a big Waikato company after many years in the FMCG sale industry where he honed his sales and business relationship skills which have done him well the real estate industry. Referrals have been the key to his sales so far with the capture of some great prices.
But the way the industry went about getting results and the practice of routines, now out of date, lead him to search out another option in the way of company to support. One Agency fitted that billing.

Real estate is one of those businesses that has been untouched by change and in many ways is still doing things the way it has since Adam sold his last property.
“There was so many ways that did not sit so well with how I would like to be treated as a possible vendor that companies were doing so I figured, how can I do that if I don't like it being done to me?"

Begging for listings just did not seem the way to go about getting business.
With One Agency it's not just about our competitive commissions it is about you getting to know the salesperson and being comfortable to let them have your most valuable asset and sell it. After all it's the salesperson you have taken on not the company. One Agency would like to become a friend, someone you would refer on to others due to the trust and results we achieve.

We only do "open homes" if it suits your sale and you, we are not there to use your
property to get more business.

Mark Ball
Mobile: 0212867115
Phone: 072806908

Office Address
13C Hall Street, New Zealand

“We are so super happy to be here in the house we have been looking at for probably a year now so THANK YOU!!”

Julie Green and Evan Fruze Te Aroha
15 Aug 2017

“Thanks so much for all your help with listing and selling my property. I found your professionalism throughout very refreshing. I appreciated that you kept me informed and returned my phone call very quickly even though you were at a function - I honestly felt that you were working for me, and my property was not just another listing. All the best for your future and I will definitely recommend you to anyone that is thinking of listing or finding a property.”

A Wilson Hamilton
15 Aug 2017